Miracle Box Setup file V2.58 Update File Download


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Miracle Box Ver 2.58 Released Xiaomi|Qualcomm|Spd|Vivo Rocking Update [01/10/2017]

Downloads Here:

Whats New in Updates :

1.Qualcomm Add MI Account Unlock
Support Models:
Xiaomi 3/Xiaomi 3S/Xiaomi 4C
Xiaomi 4s/Xiaomi 4i/Xiaomi 4 Lte
Xiaomi 4 Prime/Xiaomi Note/Xiaomi Pro
Redmi 3/Redmi 3S/Redmi 4A
Redmi 4X/Redmi 4PT/Redmi 4GP
Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note 4x/Xiaomi 5
Xiaomi 5S/Xiaomi 5S Plus/Xiaomi Max PT
Xiaomi Max GP/Xiaomi MIX/Xiaomi Note 2

2.Qualcomm Add MI Boot Loader Unlock
Support Models:
Xiaomi 4c/Xiaomi 4s
3.Qualcomm Improve Write Flash
4.Qualcomm Improve UFS Flash Support
5.Qualcomm Add Write Selected (Write file to mobile)
6.MTK Add vivo Y69 support.
7.SPD Improve SC9830 EMMC Boot Add New Mobile Support
8.SPD Improve Format and FRP Remove
9.Android Add MI Account Reset and Repair Wifi (Fastboot)
10.Software fix some bugs.

Or there is another version of this software v2.58 that less than features v2.58 are shows below supported mode.

MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Account Lock Support (World’s First).
MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Anti-Piracy Support (World’s First).
MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Phone Lock Support (World’s First).
MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Read/Write Support (World’s First).
MTK Add Sign Firmware Write Support (World’s First).
MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Read Phone Book/Clear FRP Support (World’s First).
MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Reset Code/Clear Anti-Theft Support (World’s First).


Miracle Box New Version Setup file V2.58 Update Setup File Added New Support:

  • MTK Inprove EMMC Write & Format Support.
  • MTK Improve Boot (Add New Flash ID Support Added).
  • SPD SC7731 EMMC (NEW) Improve Boot & Add New Mobile Suppoort Added new Version V2.34.
  • SPD SC7713/30 Android Add hwinfo Read & Write Support Added.
  • SPD SC7713/30 Android Add BT Addr Repair Added Support.
  • SPD SC7713/30 Android Add Repair Imei & Boot mode.
  • SPD SC7713/30 Android Add Improve SP (Country sim) Unlock Added Services.
  • SPD SC8830 EMMC Imrrove Boot Add New Mobile Support.
  • SPD Improve Nand flash Format & FRP Reset Support Added.
  • Android Add Backup/Restor sms Supported.
  • Android Improve Backup/Restore Contacts.
  • Android Xioami Improve flash Pack Support Added.